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Empty Nesters: 5 Things to Consider Before You Build

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Planning a custom home can be tricky- especially if you have a full house at the moment but anticipate downsizing in the next couple of years. You should definitely plan for the future. You'll need a home that boasts lots of aging-in-place features - these will keep you comfortable and safe. However, you'll also want to keep an eye on your budget as you plan your future home.

Of course, like most, you've probably envisioned hosting holiday and milestone celebrations with friends and family, but a sprawling home with multiple guest rooms isn't always realistic. As you age, the maintenance/ expense that goes along with a large home isn't really in step with an empty nester’s lifestyle or wallet.

That's where a well-designed custom home plan is so important. Abbie Creek Design Group takes several things into consideration while designing for an empty-nester's lifestyle. Probably the most important are creating flexible spaces and eliminating wasted space across the board... while ensuring that there are adequate clearances for wheelchairs or walkers, should they ever become necessary. We also like to make the most of nooks and crannies to carve out extra storage without adding square footage. These features will give your custom home or addition the character it deserves while serving the budget well.

These are just a few items on our design TO-DO list that make a custom-designed Abbie Creek home so functional, efficient, and unique.

Ashley is the design lead for Abbie Creek Design Group. Contact her via email for more information on our design services, including custom house plans, 3D renderings, and interior design assistance before, during, and after construction.

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