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What the heck is a CLOFFICE?

Updated: Jun 2

If you work from home occasionally OR you’re a WFH warrior, but retirement is on the horizon, you may need one. The “ Cloffice ” is a combination closet /office and can be a terrific option when square footage for your new build OR space in your current home is at a premium.

Amazing CLOFFICE inspo from the internet above :) L to R photo credit:,, and Metricon

What’s cool about it? With some thoughtful planning, you can create a quiet, well-lit space that’s soundproofed and SO versatile. We've added quite a few to our custom home designs and reno plans, so we are always looking for great ideas. One thing is for sure, a great design tends to incorporate natural light, is properly wired for an office, and can be easily transformed into an additional WIC or functional storage space down the line.

Because “ I have too much storage space” was said by no one. Ever.

Ashley is the design lead for Abbie Creek Design Group. Contact her at 334-403-5632 for more information on our design services, including custom home and renovation/addition plans, 3D renderings, and interior design assistance before, during, and after construction.

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