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Home Design for Multigenerational Families

Abbie Creek Design Group recently had the pleasure of designing a home from the ground up for a multigenerational family. This couple smartly invested in a custom plan that kept them within their financial comfort zone through several structural efficiencies AND addressed every family member’s comfort and privacy needs.

Our plan not only created zones for work/play and rest, but it was also done in a way that will provide versatility during various stages of life. For example, when they become empty nesters, the spaces will easily convert to a craft room, guest room or home gym. The layout is far from cookie-cutter, but should prove extremely appealing to most families should resale ever come into play. You have the opportunity to design your home one time, and it’s definitely worth the time and money to do it right the first time.

Ashley is the design lead for Abbie Creek Design Group. Contact her at 334-403-5632 or for more information on a variety of design services, including custom house plans, 3D renderings, as well as interior design assistance before, during, and after construction.


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