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In-Law Suites: What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Planning an In-Law Suite?

Life’s curveballs are inevitable, and sometimes your living situation will need to shift to accommodate those events. If you’re fortunate enough to have long-lived parents or in-laws who need extra care and supervision, investing in a home addition can be worth its weight in gold.

A properly designed suite provides peace of mind and can save you money over time (as inpatient elder care and upscale assisted living communities can be financially out of reach for many folks). Creating a space where your family members can be safe, comfortable, and just steps away can be a massive win for the whole family.

However, maintaining your own self-care routines and privacy are also important. When creating an addition for these scenarios, Abbie Creek Design Group goes beyond incorporating aging-in-place features. We pay close attention to the overall impact of your investment on curb appeal and the future flexibility of those additional spaces. Many people overlook these aspects of designing a comfortable, appealing in-law suite.

Ashley is the design lead for Abbie Creek Design Group. Contact her via email for more information on our design services, including custom house plans, 3D renderings, and interior design assistance before, during, and after construction.

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